Tuesday, March 3, 2015

awkward pre-judgement

yesterday i experienced a rather awkward moment. i was inside a train with my eye-catching heavy schoolbag and boringly glared at people who sat surround me. suddenly a guy who sat next to my right asked if i am a student. i simply replied 'yes'. 

and then he started telling me about himself being a uitm student doing multimedia. he then asked where i usually 'lepak' inside the uitm campus. i said im not a uitm student. then he kind of getting confused and asked what am i studying. 

i answered 'ouh aku buat sijil dekat kolej kat kl'. that is the simplest default answer i will usually give when people ask me because i dont bother explain about clp to common people (not that i pre-judge anybody but to a certain extent, most people just simply dont care to know what clp is). 

and then i noticed how his tune changed. he did not continue with his uitm story anymore but rather sort of trying to help me figuring out 'why the hell am i doing sijil and not enrolling into matrix or do stpm instead'. 

he was (yes i am judging his tone coupled with the content of what he said) provocating me that perhaps i would change my mind because 'sijil' guarantees no employmentship. 

i tried to furter explain (i felt obliged at one sec) the kind of sijil i am currently doing. but he talked too much repeating the same points which i understood (and in fact fairly agreed with some of them) that i could not explain myself. he cut me short with his pre-judgement of 'sijil' (and my messy look i bet).

anyways his words that i remembered the most were 'tapi buat degree memang susah lah. kena struggle and belajar betul2. bukan macam exam sekolah menengah, macam spm tu.' and he added 'kau kena belajar kuat2 bro. sekarang ni banyak budak degree, takde tempat sijil nak lawan'. 

maybe he was just being plain nice and concerned with my future, which are perfectly fine and much appreciated. but the arrogant tone, thats just awkward.

i was in a dilemma. siapa yang tengah pandang rendah siapa ni? awkward.